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The 16th century palazzo has been inhabited by the Bacile di Castiglione family for nearly five centuries.
Originally it was a castle which at a later date was trasformed into a habitation. The old fortifications,of medieval origins,were incorporated into the palazzo.


A second floor was built in the second half of the 19th century by Filippo Baron Bacile di Castiglionewho needed to accommodate his 14 children (Filippo also constructed the local railway line which still today connects Spongano and Lecce).


The Bacile di Castiglione family, who still live today in a part of the building, undertakes to reserve their guests a courteous hospitality, also putting them in contact with local life, whose charm is perceptible throughout the year.

Inside the palace there are I Casotti di Teresa: Mangiatoia, Camera del vino, Androne, Frantoio and La Pergola; each of these took its name from the function it was used for. Each room has been restructured maintaining its original charm and architectonical features of what they  were in the past.

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